A lil update

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a fantastic Easter Weekend.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing a blog post again – I’ve been snowed under with schoolwork, even on the holidays! But I just wanted to write a few things to make myself feel lighter.

I’ve had the most amazing holiday because of the couple of catch ups I’ve had with outside-of-school friends. They are the most fabulous people I’ve ever met and I love them dearly. I’m so glad I made these friends and I’m so grateful for everything they have taught me and given to me in the short time that we’ve known each other. I don’t know what I’d do without them. So thank you guys, if you’re reading this, which I know you aren’t. You mean the world to me.

In other news, school is going well, not super amazing but just as can be expected. Workload is hard on top of everything else happening in my life but I’m powering through so far. I hate feeling overwhelmed and try to stay on top of things at all times, but it’s not that easy anymore! What with the lack of time in my life to do homework, the stress is mounting this year. But hey, I’m getting through it so far.

I’m not sure now next term is going to go…there are a lot of things on e.g. assessments and school performances as well as *wince* exams! Which I completely forgot about until right now.

If anyone is going through a similar experience or has any advice, let’s chat in the comments! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Sorry if this post hasn’t been as fluent or chronological as you would like, but I just wanted to get something down.

Thanks for reading!

– Sunny

Hi and Bye – A quick update!

Hi there!

Just a quick update to say goodbye for the near future!

Since I’m going back to school in just two days, this blog will basically be going on hiatus for around 10 weeks while I’m in my school term.

Balancing everything else I do in my life with a blog is not possible while I’m at school. I enjoy blogging but I need to concentrate on other things.

Unfortunately the holidays are almost over, but I’ve really enjoyed them. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog posts while I’ve had this free time.

See you in the next post, whenever that may be!

– Sunny

P.S. What are your plans for February? We’re really getting into 2019 now!


An Important Notice

Hey there,

This post is not going to be as upbeat as usual.

I highly recommend that you watch this video.

In short, my personal favourite Youtubers, Matthew and Stephanie Patrick, who run, along with their team, the youtube channels Game Theory, Film Theory and GTLive, had a really rough year in 2018. From the highs and lows of having a newborn son to being involved in the California bushfires, they were also one of 50 creators on the youtube platform who had $1.7 million stolen from them by Defy Media, an MCN (multi-channel-network) company who, on the surface, seemed trustworthy.

It’s difficult for me to explain, but Matthew does an extremely good job explaining the backstory and his own situation in this video. I highly recommend you watch it and educate yourselves on the behind-the-scenes corruption going on in some aspects of youtube.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love watching youtube and support creators, but I certainly don’t support what has happened in this situation.

Please send Mat and Steph all the love and support you can. Below are some links so you can find them:

Mat’s Instagram:

Steph’s Instagram:

The Game Theorists:

The Film Theorists:


Thank you so much for reading this. I would never force my readers to do anything, but I really do hope that you will watch the video until the end, especially if you are a youtube creator. It send a really important message. Thanks again,

– Sunny

How should I learn better in 2019? Advice and tips for school!

Hi there!

So while of course there are things I want to do to study better in 2019, there are also a couple of things I want to IN the classroom to LEARN better at the time. If you have any advice for either of those two things, please leave them in the comments below! I really appreciate your support and would love to see some advice down there!

1. Sitting with the smart kids

In 2019, I get to choose all of my subjects (except English). My friendship group, however, have very different interests to me and I am not with any of my friends in any of my classes! However, this provides an amazing opportunity for me to sit with whoever I want in class, as my friends won’t be there. So I’m going to take up this opportunity and sit with those who I know to be clever, the kids who get better marks than me, so that I can:

– learn from them

– see what they do differently in order to get the best marks possible

– get help from them

– talk with them about their work

– they will not distract me (because smart kids pay attention in class!)

That’s not to say my marks are bad, in fact I am probably getting quite good marks but they’re not quite top of the class, if you know what I mean.

2. Don’t just learn content, learn HOW to answer questions

This may seem simple, but I recently saw a Facebook post about someone who understood the content but wasn’t completing the questions in tests/exams correctly. In 2019 I need to make sure I know HOW to answer questions, not just WHAT to say.

3. As soon as I don’t understand something, ASK!

The next two years (last two years!) of high school are going to be extremely important. I cannot afford to fall behind or not understand anymore. So as soon as I’m struggling to grasp a concept or do not understand something, whether it be content or instructions about a task, I need to ask straight away. Whether that’s in class in front of everyone who does understand (meaning they think I’m dumb) or asking the teacher or a friend to sit with me and help later, it doesn’t matter. I need to take my learning into my own hands and immediately ask for help. I want to be on top of things in 2019!

Thanks for reading! I’m starting back at school on Wednesday 😖 , wish me luck!

If you have any learning/studying tips for me, please leave them in the comments below!

– Sunny

Let’s Talk About Notebooks – Ideas to fill your notebooks!

Hi There!

Now, I have quite a few notebooks. I get given them often, and don’t get me wrong, I love new stationary. But what can I put in all these notebooks? I have some ideas for you, but if you have anymore I could add to this list, let me know!

1. Lists


If you’re sick of using sticky-notes or random scraps of paper for your daily to-do lists or your shopping lists, dedicate a notebook to them!

2. Daily journal


Chose a beautiful notebook as your daily journal! Journaling is a great way of meditating and reflecting in a more creative way, so give it a try! Everyday, write a page or two in a notebook and see how you go!

3. Dream journal


Keep a cute notebook next to your bed to write down your dreams in. It’s a great way of keeping track of re-occurring themes in your dreams and can help you to lucid dream!

4. Health tracker


Keep a notebook dedicated to tracking everything about your general heath and wellbeing, what you eat and how much exercise you are doing to how much sleep you are getting and your moods. If you have a medical condition it might be a good place to keep information about it, how you are tracking it, appointments and more.

5. Memory diary


This can as creative or as simple as you want – you could write down snippets of your days you want to remember or go full scrapbook and stick in photos with cute tape! It’s really up to you how you want to record those splendid moments in your life.

6. Morning pages


An A4 sized journal or cute exercise book is perfect for morning pages! There’s heaps of information about how to write morning pages online, so have a look and try it out. The idea is that every morning, one of the first things you do it write 3 A4 pages, just stream-of-consciousness thoughts. The idea is to clear your head before you start the day, so nothing is weighing on your mind. You can get it all down straight away. Sometimes it can be hard to write 3 whole pages, but stick with it and you will get better!

7. Recipe book


If you’ve been gifted a notebook for writing down recipes, or even if you haven’t, use a notebook to write down your favourite recipes. This is great for compiling all the best meals and snacks from being scattered throughout different cookbooks into one perfect recipe book. Remember to include preparation and cook time as well as the method and ingredients!


I hope this has given someone out there some ideas as to what to use all those notebooks you got for Christmas for! I know I really need to use my recipe note-book. What else could you/do you use notebooks for? I want to fill mine with your ideas! Let me know in the comments.

– Sunny

Natural Wake-up Morning Routine – What I strive for in the morning

Hi there!

Recently I’ve been really interested in watching people’s natural/wellbeing/mindful morning routines, and I’m trying to implement some of the things they do into my own morning routine. When I start back at school, I’m hoping some of the things I’m doing on holiday in the morning will be able to continue. In this post, I’m going to explain some of the things that have and haven’t worked for me when experimenting with my morning routine.

School is mostly in the winter months, so it is impossible to:

  • Eat breakfast outdoors everyday
  • Have sunshine come into my room no matter when I open the curtains in the morning
  • Have a sunrise alarm clock (it would be too late in winter for school to do this)

I wish I could do these things, but when most of the school year is cold, it’s really difficult. I wish I could get ready in the natural light of the sun,


Firstly, things that haven’t worked for me.

  1. Drinking water as soon as you wake up.


I tried this one morning and it gave me a sore throat, partly because I didn’t brush my teeth beforehand. I believe there is no point in brushing your teeth before breakfast, so eating breakfast is usually one of the first things I do in the morning. I do not get up early enough to be able to drink a whole glass of cold water BEFORE I start my breakfast. I understand those who drink cold water at the start of their day as it jolts you awake, but I just didn’t have enough time to do this step.

2. Morning pages

I tried writing morning pages – 3 pages of stream-of-conciousness writing, but it didn’t really appeal to me. It seemed too stressful to write down everything on my mind, or logging what I dreamt about – I prefer list making.

3. Greek yogurt and Icelandic yogurt

I bought and taste tasted greek and Icelandic yogurt one day – both were extremely strong and I didn’t like them at all! Plain old Aussie vanilla it is for me.

Secondly, things that have worked for me.

  1. List making


I love making a list of everything I want to get done in the day the night before. That way when I get up in the morning I know what I have to do in order to feel as though I’ve been productive. It doesn’t matter if I don’t complete EVERTHING on my list – as long as I get the majority done. And I like to include little things too, like preparing what I want to eat for breakfast that morning, so I can cross it off the list and feel accomplished.

2. Healthier breakfasts


One of my new year’s resolutions was to eat healthier, and for most days in January I have succeeded at eating vanilla yogurt for breakfast. I’m really enjoying it so far and I’m glad to have kept it up so far. Having this healthy breakfast in my morning routine makes me feel like I’m doing good things for my body and waking up naturally.

3. Simple stretches

I saw a lot of people include yoga in their morning routines, which I respect, but I find I need to be up for a few hours before I can stretch properly. When I first wake up, I have started rolling my neck and shoulders and stretching my head/neck with my hands. I will sometimes do this after I open the curtains so I can look out at the world at the same time. It’s a great way to wake up my body.

Thirdly, things I’d like to try.

  1. Getting up at 5am

Getting up so early is probably not possible for me without going to bed really early too. Unfortunately I cannot sleep earlier because of afternoon/evening commitments and studying. I might try sleeping early and getting up early one day, but it will not be possible in daily school life. I believe I am still able to have an inspiring morning routine WITHOUT getting up at 5am.

2. Hot chocolate (hot milo) in winter


Every morning for breakfast I drink a glass of milk. I think I can make this a little more cozy when winter rolls around by making myself  a hot milo instead. I believe Milo is great for starting the day (and it’s really yummy! Not particularly healthy, but better than Nesquik, and milk is good for you anyway).


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I’m going to try a little harder at my morning routines to set me up well for the day, especially when school goes back.

What do you do in your morning routines?

– Sunny

2019 Study Goals and Questions – Advice Wanted!

Hi there!

Going into a high year level in secondary school is pretty important. I have a few 2019 study goals (I guess you could call them resolutions) I want to share with you (so you can hold me to them throughout the year!) and also some questions for you.

  • Use Timers

I have an app on my iPad called Forest ( , which is an amazing tool for timing yourself studying. Forest lets you chose intervals of time (from 10 minutes minimum) and it grows a tree for you in your virtual forest. If you leave the app, your tree will die. This is great for staying focused as it means you won’t leave the app and procrastinate on your phone (because dead trees look ugly in your forest). It also helps you along with letter messages that say ‘don’t look at me!’ and such like.


Unfortunately the Forest app costs money, but one of my friends paid for it and re-downloaded it on my iPad and my friends phones for us (which was free for her as she was already bought it once) using her account. As I will be using my laptop for school more than my iPad (which I used last year), I will be able to treat my iPad as a phone and set it down with the app running while I work on my laptop (it was difficult to use the app last year as I needed my iPad for studying but your tree dies if you leave the app).

Forest also lets you and your friends grow trees together (aka, study together! Even if you are not in the same place, I believe), so I might be able to use that in 2019 too.

  • Take breaks

The forest app also lets you take breaks. I really want to make sure I stay focused when studying by taking 5 minute breaks in between what will probably be 30 minute intervals. This is where I need your help. What should I do in my 5 minute breaks? I think I will take a deep breath and stretch my arms and neck, but that only takes 20 seconds. I’m looking for an activity that takes 5 minutes maximum so I don’t keep doing it longer to procrastinate working.


I looked up some things you can do such as rewarding yourself with food, but I don’t want to be unhealthy and eat unnecessarily. I also don’t want to play mobile games for 5 minutes because I will end up spending longer than that on them, procrastinating. So what do you suggest I do? I’m not a good drawer, but I was thinking about trying mindful colouring. I was also thinking about rewarding myself with stickers, but where would I stick them? Let me know what you think in the comments.

  • Use sticky notes

Again, I need your advice for this. How do you use sticky notes when studying? I find that sticky notes get crushed up and crumpled when placed in books of textbooks for school, but as I got some really pretty ones from Christmas in 2018 I really want to use them. So what should I do? How should I use them? How school I keep them from getting crumpled? Let me know in the comments.


So there you have it, 3 things I want to do when studying in 2019 (I go back to school in February) but need your advice on. Hopefully you will be able to help me out in the comments! Can’t wait to see your thoughts.

– Sunny